Our story

The history of communications and technology run parallel. It started with written word, our ability to record our thoughts, ideas and theories, to disseminate that information without direct contact. Written word allowed us to create and develop new ideas, technology and methods of communication, to connect the world in ways no one had ever imagined.



Back in the day

By the late 20th century we could send information around the world in seconds, but so much of global business was still conducted face-to-face, disrupting schedules and requiring exhausting travel. After one stressful business trip too many our founders had had enough. Why, if the technology existed, couldn’t they conduct their meetings from their own offices, or anywhere else for that matter?




Our commitment

Global Conference was created to bridge the gap between business professionals worldwide, eliminating the need for costly and exhausting travel. A premium business conferencing solution needed to offer more than just audio, though, and our team would work tirelessly to create the very best features for our discerning business clients.

Since not all businesses are the same we have always individually tailored our services to the needs of each individual client. What all our clients do have in common, however, is the ability to conduct their business globally with minimal expenses.