Custom analytics

Custom reporting and departmental billing help keep your account organized and easy to maintain. View account specifics by user or department for detailed account management.

Dedicated numbers

We offer competitive rates on hosted (toll-free) and participant-paid (Toll) lines – your conferencing dial-in information is active and available 24/7/365.


Record and automatically save your conferences as MP3's for easy archiving or distribution.

International numbers

We offer local dial-in numbers for over 40 countries through our International Dial-In service, so you can conduct business all over the world from your own office; no flights necessary.


Your recordings remain available for thirty days after your conference, so participants who couldn't be there can catch up at any time.

Manage users

Administrator controls allow for easy sign-up and management of all employee conference activities.

Moderator controls

Our web-based Moderator Controls make it simple to manage your call in real-time. Activate recording, mute callers and view each participants' caller information for a safer, more secure conference.

Outlook add-on

Setting up conferences is easy with GlobalConference: call details can be automatically integrated into your Outlook calendar and forwarded to attendees instantly.


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